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Areas of development

Always-on diagnosis aid system

Medical imaging is increasingly coming into prominence among medical services. Despite this high demand, the rate of imaging personnel per capita is on an exponential decline.


In Radiologics, our aim is to better equip doctors to face this demand by providing always-on and ready to use diagnosis aid systems using state of the art solutions


Lung Nodules

Nodules, due to their small size, could easily be missed by the medical imaging specialist. Our nodule detection model will allow rapid and accurate diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, avoiding potentially life-threatening scenarios.



Being the most-used and widest available imaging method in the world, evaluating X-rays makes up a considerable part of the radiologic work-load. Our deep learning model aims to assist doctors with diagnosis of the major thoracic pathologies on X-rays, shouldering off a hefty amount of the clinical work-load .


Who We are

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Baturalp Güner

Founder, Radiologist

Ahmad Abdel-Qader

Deep Learning Engineer

Can Kani Üner

Deep Learning/Computer Vision Specialist

Arda Sarp Temur

Full-stack Developer

Our Partners

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Do you have a preclinical research with potential?

In Radiologics, we aim to connect the missing link between clinical research and the clinically applicable solution.


We are very excited to hear from research teams that would like to join hands in developing clinicaly relevant and beneficial work together. 

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